Skin bleaching- Big pressure on the life of celebrities
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As we know that black color also indicates the beauty of the people and so there should not be any kind of discrimination. On the other hand, it is not applicable in the lives of celebrities as there are many celebrities with black tone skin, and thus, which results in the pressure. There are fans out there who want them to have light tone skin, which results from putting them in pressure, and thus they go for skin bleaching.

In this process, celebrities go for the transformation of their skin color so that they can fulfill the wishes of their fans, and thus they can their fan following back.

The suffering of Nicki Minaj

She is one of the most popular singers in today’s time, and on the other hand, there was a time when she got black tone skin. Her fans demand her to have white tone skin so that she can look more beautiful, and on the other hand, to fulfill her fans’ demand, she goes for skin bleaching. Later on, she got her skin white in a tone so that she can have her name and fame enhanced. She was all over the news at that time, but no one was surprised as she got from black to white skin tone.

Equality is the key

We know that there are lots of differences between black tone and white tone, but on the other hand, it should not happen because everyone is beautiful the way they are. Black tone people are as beautiful as white tone people, but there is an opposite case in the lives of celebrities. You will see that there are so many cases of the celebrities who go for skin bleaching, which results in getting their skin tone transformed.

Demands of the fan following

A celebrity does not go for skin bleaching on their own as it is the enormous pressure by their fans. Due to the pressure, they transformed their skin from black to white, and thus, which results in getting their fans following back. They can get their name and fame back, so that is why they go for it.