Everything you need to know about plumbing parts

Plumbing is a system that put efforts on sanitation to produce clean water and manages waste. It involves working on pipes, tubes and drainage system. Plumbers use different types of plumbing parts. Plumbing parts involves pipe tape, PVC pipes, PVC cement. Plumbing involves two of it- General plumbing and commercial plumbing. General plumbing involves parts that are usually required to do work with all types of sizes and shapes these are mainly standard hand saw and pipe cutters. And commercial plumbing includes working on maintenance of systems in industries or buildings. Let’s consider the general plumbing parts used in houses:-

  1. PVC pipe

These pipes are fairly effortless to install and are also demanded more. PVC pipes are easier to work with than old steel pipes. These are also inexpensive, flexible and are used for long runs.

  •  Black iron pipes

These pipes are same as galvanized iron pipe and are specially used for gas implications and are used for maintaining gas supply in boilers or water heaters. These are small in size approximately 1 inch or less in diameter.

  • PEX pipes

These are most strong, flexible and corrosion resistant pipes. As PEX pipes are flexible, these are easier to install and uses lean fittings. These are blue, red or white in color and plastic in nature.

  • Cast iron

Cast iron pipes are used for plumbing waste lines. These are high quality, strong and long-lasting pipes. These are heavy metal pipe and are large in diameter. Special cutting tools are required to cut these, known as cast iron pipe cutter.

  • PVC cement

This cement is used to create a strong bond between the PVC pipes.

Final saying

These are the plumbing parts that are specially used in homes. You can find out all the different types of plumbing parts on blackhawksupply.com.