Why is knowledge about the fraud esta and esta official website required?
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There are many websites which are doing fraud with the customers, interested in traveling to the United States. Extra fees are charged from the customers as the government has provided approval to the citizen of specific countries for going to the US without the Visa for particular purposes. The stay should be of ninety days, not a single day more than that. The person can apply for this on the esta official website. The customers should be aware of the third fraud parties so that they do not become a victim of them.

Who are the third parties doing the scam?

The third parties represent them as the esta official sites, so sometimes it becomes difficult for the customers to differentiate between the two. The third parties wait for the foolishness of the visitors and make them believe that it is the official website of the Esta. They charge high prices to the visitors, and they do not confirm the application of the customers. The third parties are not submitting the application of customers to the official website of esta. The fraud websites will send the person a certificate after applying, but when a person opens, it does not exists. The money which was spent by the person as the fees is lost. The US government is incapable of providing a refund to visitors.

The other disadvantage is that the website is having all the bank card details along with the money. The third party knows the date of arrival of the visitor and all the traveling information of the visitors, which are the fact of great concern. A person should apply with proper knowledge with the websites because it is a complicated process to deal with the third party, and the esta will automatically decline the application of travel.


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