Amazing platforms for reading : Kindle
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Reading on these platforms aren’t free and you will have a subscription to pay. As long you pay you can pick any titles from their collection. The subscription fee would depend on the kind of membership as for the audible service whereas the kindle service prescribes the same for any reader from their platform. The joy of reading on these services is incomparable, as you could do it anywhere and anytime. There isn’t a need to lug around bulky books or go and check out bookstores or libraries especially people with dust allergies can actually benefit from this platform as old books tend to pile on dust. It’s just amazing for children with reading disabilities can benefit from the audio book narration. Check out Change to choose the best one for you

How to make a choice

When you pick up the audible service there are two kinds of memberships that you want to choose to have wherein you could avail the credits. There is choice of just subscribing for the audiobooks without the credits with lesser fee. If you happen to be amazon prime member the trial period which normally would be thirty days for a regular member but through prime you get the ninety days bonus. Since both platforms are linked to amazon for their titles, amazon could pull the plug on any of the titles midway, even if you have purchased them during the subscription period. Perhaps that a drawback you would have to bear. Since the subscription fee for both kindle and audible are on the higher side you will have to pick books that match the cost of the fee paid which would be difficult each time. And there would be lesser chances that you would be able to read as many titles that you get to pick, unless there are a lot of readers in your house and they make use of it.


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